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Online Shoppers Beware

Ok, guys… it’s time for some real talk. Everywhere I go, people ask me about those online clubs offering orthodontic discount clear trays directly to you. Ahem. “Do they work? Should I do them? They are so cheap, and braces are so expensive!” Uhhh the answer is no, guys. Just. No. So, what is so

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October 1st

Hello! It’s me, Jennifer, here again- and guess what? It’s October 1st! There is a lot of fun stuff happening over here at Buzbee Dental. First off, it’s that time of year again! You’ve probably noticed a postcard in the mail from our office in the last couple of days… It’s your annual reminder that the

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Labor Day Weekend Meal

From the Kitchen of Dr. Gary:Whether your Labor Day weekend is packed with activities or laid back and lazy, these recipes fill both bills. They can be made ahead and ready for the meal you desire.The Buzbee family has had this menu on more than one occasion and shared the recipes many times. Try them

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