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Dear Mrs. Emerson…

Dear Mrs. Emerson, It has been well over sixty-five years since we met and over sixty years since we spoke.   I remembered wide-eyed walking into your Tulsa, Oklahoma Kindergarten class in 1955 and you taking both of my hands and holding them in yours and welcoming me to your class. I was awestruck, like so

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Online Shoppers Beware

Ok, guys… it’s time for some real talk. Everywhere I go, people ask me about those online clubs offering orthodontic discount clear trays directly to you. Ahem. “Do they work? Should I do them? They are so cheap, and braces are so expensive!” Uhhh the answer is no, guys. Just. No. So, what is so

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October 1st

Hello! It’s me, Jennifer, here again- and guess what? It’s October 1st! There is a lot of fun stuff happening over here at Buzbee Dental. First off, it’s that time of year again! You’ve probably noticed a postcard in the mail from our office in the last couple of days… It’s your annual reminder that the

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