Do Something Nice for Teachers Day

By: Dr. Gary Buzbee


Every once in a while, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars all line up together and an event occurs.  I guess in folklore this can either be a force for happiness or cause for alarm.  Today, October 5, 2018, it must be a force for good, because it is National Do Something Nice Day AND National Teachers Day.  I cannot think of a better mash up.  So, in order to kill two birds with one stone, I’m celebrating, Do Something Nice for Teachers Day.

After all, who besides our parents and family members, taught us or at least encouraged us, to do something nice?  In kindergarten, we were taught that it was nice to put our toys away when we were done and it was nice to rest quietly during nap time.  Our kindergarten teachers laid the groundwork for a lifetime of “Niceties”.  As we climbed the educational ladder our lessons in niceness became more sophisticated.  Progressing past “Please” and Thank You”,  we learned to not push in the lunch line, not to talk in the library and to “nicely” follow the rules set forth by our teachers in the classroom.   After elementary school, we were self-taught that in order to survive we had to be nice to each other.  We realized that the middle school mixer date would be easier to come by if the chosen date had not been pelted by a spitball.  The high school, “Ladies Pay All” date would only happen if we behaved nicely prior to the invitation being given.  After high school graduation, whether we continued our education or joined the workforce, niceness was a necessity. We would most likely get the benefit of the doubt from a professor, if we showed up for class, participated in class and met the requirements of the class. Nice things to do.  An employer would look more favorably on us if we were a team player and worked well with other employees and customers. Nice things to do. Our career paths should be lined with good intentions.

So, here is my call to action. Think about the teachers/educators in your past.  No doubt this will dredge up lots of memories of all varieties.  If you are young enough to have past teachers living, and you have pleasant memories or appreciate something they did for you, hunt them down and let them know.  They may or may not remember you, but they will surely be honored by your thoughtfulness.  If your teachers are long gone, honor their memory.  Lastly, call, write a note, send a text, or some gesture of kindness to a teacher you know and let them know you appreciate their service. It will make their day, and it is a nice thing to do!

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