A New Cosmetic Option

The Bioclear Method

Springfield, Missouri dentists Dr. Todd and Dr. Tyler Buzbee are Bioclear Certified Doctors in Missouri. They provide Bioclear Matrix treatment for their patients who have cosmetic flaws they wish to correct.

Drs. Todd and Tyler Buzbee proudly offer Bioclear. Bioclear is an innovative dental technique that can be used as an alternative to porcelain veneers and traditional bonding. Bioclear can be used to repair undersized, misshapen, or broken teeth. It can eliminate the need for crowns, and it can also help our patients with black triangles achieve a fuller smile in one quick visit.
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Bioclear Matrix: Before and After

Actual Buzbee Dental Patients
All of these patients have received Bioclear restorations that were completed in one visit at Buzbee Dental in Springfield, Missouri

What are the benefits of Bioclear?

This dental system offers great patient benefits including:

Done in one visit: You won’t have to wait for your final results! No more temporary restorations or repeat dental appointments. Your matrix dental treatment will be completed in one appointment.

More affordable: Bioclear is less expensive than traditional porcelain veneers.

Conservative care: This dental treatment is more conservative than veneers or other restorations because it doesn’t require your natural teeth to be modified. No more enamel filing or tooth damage to get the smile you want.

Promotes long-term health: Because there’s no damage done in your matrix dental treatment, we protect the long-term health and survival of your teeth.

Easy to improve: If your treatment ever needs improvement, correction, or reversal, it’s an easy fix.

Stain resistant: Bioclear has shown to be more stain resistant than typical dental bonding.

Beautiful results: Bioclear has been proven to deliver beautiful, consistent results. You can get rid of those black triangle teeth and enjoy a more confident smile!

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