October 1st

Hello! It’s me, Jennifer, here again- and guess what? It’s October 1st!

There is a lot of fun stuff happening over here at Buzbee Dental.

First off, it’s that time of year again! You’ve probably noticed a postcard in the mail from our office in the last couple of days… It’s your annual reminder that the end of the year is upon us, and NOW is the time to schedule for those procedures we had talked about doing in order to maximize your 2018 benefits.

You can’t find your treatment plan or remember what you need to do? Call me ? I bet I can help you out with that!

I know no one really WANTS to come to the dentist (it only hurts our feelings a little bit), but grab your calendar, and plan out your appointments now. Don’t be the person who realizes this on December 20th… or even December 1st. It will be too late!



We also now have our Halloween Bags out and ready for your Trick or Treating! Be sure to grab one for the kids while you are here, or you can always swing by and pick one up. These bags are always a favorite! And while we stand by the fact that candy isn’t the greatest for your teeth, we love a treat just as much as anyone else! Just remember to brush your teeth after you eat it!

Also, when that Milk Dud or Laffy Taffy pulls a crown right off, our number is 881-1388- we’ll do our best to get you in ASAP


Finally, we decorated a pumpkin to enter into the OMS Pumpkin Decorating Competition. We had so many wonderful ideas from all of our entire staff… and we kind of love how it turned out. What do you think?? It needs a name, but the general theme of our pumpkin was “Gag Reflex Pumpkin”. We like to get crafty, so we used…. floss for hair, gave it some “brushy” brows, and you may recognize the Buzbee Dental lip balm and sunglasses. The dental implant teeth…. well…. we may not want to claim those… but we had a good laugh. Hope you do too!


I look forward to seeing you soon!!




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