Top 10 Reasons Buzbee Dental Is The Best

Hello! Jennifer here again. I was working on my Employee Spotlight a few weeks ago, and when I was trying to fill out my part for “What do you love about working at Buzbee Dental” I had so many answers; I decided I should do a top ten. I get that I’m biased… but stick with me. Here are my top 10 reasons that, well, we’re the best.

1. We offer treatment options that you cannot find anywhere else in Springfield, Missouri (or in the entire Southwest Missouri region).

All of our doctors are committed to learning the newest most innovative techniques and continually educate themselves. This means that we are consistently able to offer new approaches to your treatment.


2. Our doctors always start with offering the most conservative treatment, and never do unnecessary work.

For example: We recently began offering Bioclear, which is a much more affordable cosmetic option for our patients. This means we can now do cosmetic veneers for nearly half the price of traditional veneers, and sometimes it can be done in place of crowns. Do we charge more for typical crowns and veneers? You betcha. Does that stop us from offering the most affordable and best treatment? Sure doesn’t.


3. We will not pressure you into agreeing to treatment you do not want, and you cannot afford.

As the financial coordinator, I take pride in never pressuring anyone into treatment. You can’t afford it? I get it. What can I do to help? What are your options? I will tell you.


4. We do as much treatment as possible at our office.

Sure, sometimes, you need to see a specialist. But, we can see you for orthodontics, root canals, implants, and much more right here.


5. TMD Treatment with Dr. Todd

Dr. Todd has taken a huge interest in helping patients with TMD. He offers treatments (again- more conservative) that no one else in Southwest Missouri offers and it is truly amazing seeing patients be relieved from years of chronic pain. This also means that Dr. Todd is aware of how orthodontic treatment can affect the jaw joint, which is often overlooked by orthodontists. Dr. Todd receives referrals from many other offices in the area just for his expertise in TMD. You don’t have to come here for your cleanings just to have your TMD looked at. And we won’t pressure you to switch.


6. There is a collective 79 years of experience between the doctors.

That means they’ve seen a lot. Promise you don’t have the worst teeth we’ve ever seen. Don’t be embarrassed! Do you think you’re the first person to go without dental treatment? Not even close!


7. This is a family-owned business.

We aren’t answering to a corporate office and we don’t have to make quotas. Sure, we have to pay our bills and keep the lights on like anyone else, but we don’t have “sales goals” or incentives to sell to our patients. This means you get what you actually need— not what we need.


8. We have the best team.

Speaking as one of them… (tooting my own horn here!) Being excited to show up to work every day, well, it makes a difference. And, I can tell you that it results in better care for our patients, and a fun place to work. #teambuzbee


9. We have top-notch facilities.

Our office building is pretty cool to look at, (check out the 360 tour!) we have state-of-the-art equipment, and our lobby is so relaxing that people inadvertently nap in it. Have you ever been so relaxed at the dentist that you took a nap?


10. Generosity runs deep here.

One of my favorite things is how Buzbee Dental gives back to the community – we support various programs both big and small. We are proud to donate and support organizations throughout southwest Missouri ranging from Care to Learn and Springfield Public Schools partnerships, to donating items for many worthy causes and silent auctions. Not to mention the ability to help out families on a personal level. I’m proud to be part of it!

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